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The calendar below lists important Venturer section dates for 2017.

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Date Event Contact Phone/Email
Monday 24th - Tuesday 25th April ANZAC Eve Youth Vigil TBA  
Saturday 6th - Sunday 7th May Venturer Caving Weekend Naracoorte
Friday 19th - Sunday 21st May Leadership Course James Carter
Friday 30th June - Sunday 2nd July 'You' Course Jake Alker
Friday 14th - Sunday 23rd July  Snow Venture
Friday 28th - Saturday 29th July Initiative Course Michael Woodward
Friday 11th - Sunday 13th August Retreat Janette Leibhardt
Saturday 12th - Sunday 13th August Venturer Caving Weekend Naracoorte
Friday 15th - Sunday 17th September Leadership Course Bob Ellis / John Hooper
Saturday 22nd October Jamboree on the Air/Internet (JOTA/JOTI)
Sunday 26th November  Unit Management Course

 Friday 8th - Sunday 10th December  Super Splash  TBC
2nd – 13th January 2018  Australian Venture 2018  Kirsty Short
17th -23rd January 2018 Jack Roberts Camp