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For matters relating to Venturer Section program please contact one of the team listed below.

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Branch Commissioner (Venturers)
John Hooper

Assistant Branch Commissioner (Venturers)


Program Advisers (Venturer Section) 

  Name   Email
Units responsible for
 Kirsty Short Lone Venturer Unit, Beadell District, Karkana District
 Michael Woodward Adelaide Foothills District
 Bruce Leibhardt Three Rivers District
 Paul Leicester Ridley District
 Nicola Capon Hills to Coast District
 Patrick Smith Limestone Coast District
 Ross Vivian Hills to Coast District

Colin Curtis

John Hooper

Mawson District
Miriam Ahrens

Heysen District

Ian Vayne Torrens District








Your Unit's Program Adviser (PA) is there for advice (hence the title), primarily around the Queen's Scout Award Scheme as well as programming ideas.

All forms for activities (A5's) need to go to your PA for approval before an offsite and/or adventurous activity may take place. PA's are required to approve the examiner for any Queen Scout or Endeavour Award level Award scheme work (as well as Venturer Award level expeditions) - they need to sign your Y9 form. PA's sign off that a Queen Scout has met the technical requirements of the award (Y8 form).

PA's convene "Venturer Councils" for a group of Units which they are supporting to encourage inter-unit activities (much as a DVC did in the past).

If you have any questions about Venturering/Venturers/upcoming activities then your PA is the person to ask.

If you can't get hold of your PA for some reason (they all lead busy lives) then you can contact another on the list.

 Where to Find units/Rover Crews?

If you are interested in where South Australia's Venturer Units are located (as well as the local Rover Crews) check out this Google Map.

 SA Venturer Units & Rover Crews 2017

Adventurous Activities Contacts

For information about Adventurous Activities please visit the Adventurous Activities website at