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Friday 14th - Saturday 15th June 2019

Cost: $15

Location: Black Hill Conservation Park

Apply Online via the MyScout Application System.


Please email to confirm your attendance and receive further details about this course.


Initiative in Venturer language is a self starting power, an ability to get up and go, without being told what to do. It’s resourcefulness, working out what the problem is, figuring out the best way to tackle it, then going ahead on your own.

An Initiative Course is a test of these skills. There will be numerous activities along the route to test your initiative, leadership, teamwork and basic Venturing knowledge.

See the Venturer Record Book page 27 for the requirements.

Participants will need to bring all the necessary equipment for an overnight hike.


The Initiative Activity is the compulsory part of the Venturer Award.

Unit Council approval required.
A minimum time of 10 hours is expected.
This overnight (Branch approved) course evaluates the Venturer’s ability to “get up and go”, to make decisions and to be able to participate in a team while evaluating, planning and solving each incident.

An Initiative Activity is designed to enable Venturers to:
  • develop how to use initiative
  • practice using initiative
  • test their ability to use initiative
The objective of the course should be to confront Venturers with a situation which requires them to think about, conceive and implement a decision. The emphasis should be on the approach to problem solving, not on the simple application of technical skills previously learned. The course should be a learning experience designed to develop initiative not technical skill.
Qualifying for that part of the Award does not depend upon the level of achievement or success in relation to the stunts they undertake. All that is required is that they participate fully.

Leaders are expected to prepare Venturers in problem solving procedures.

Leader Assistance

If you are a Leader and would like to assist on any Branch Venturer activity, please contact the person organising the activity or BC Venturers.