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2018 Courses

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30th June - 1st July - Apply Here

14th - 16th September - Apply Here

This course is a requirement of the Queen's Scout Award, although you do not have to be participating in this to benefit from attending the course.

See your Venturer Record Book page 87 for the requirements.
A 16 hour course followed by 10 hours of application.
Participate in a practical and theory weekend covering aspects of leadership and communication etc. and then demonstrate an application of these skills.
  1. To give Venturers experience in leadership.
  2. To demonstrate the techniques of leadership
  3. To demonstrate the benefits of co-ordination of effort through leadership.
  4. The Courses is available to all Venturers mature enough to benefit from participation. The participants are ideally at, or near Queen’s Scout Award Standard.



Next Course

The next Leadership course details are:

Where: Glenelg Activity Centre

When: Friday 14th September to Sunday 16th September

Fee: $45

To apply, head on over to the Eventbrite page. 

Send a signed Application Form to



Leader Assistance

If you are a Leader and would like to assist on any Branch Venturer activity, please contact the person organising the activity or BC Venturers.