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Super Splash

8-10 December 2017

Super Splash 2017 is coming soon! Are you ready for a weekend of fun, relaxation and activity.

 *****FORMS AVAILABLE NOW***** (21/09/17)

This is the end of year break-up activity for the best section in the Association - THE VENTURER SECTION! We aim to have you so relaxed, so laid back and so chilled that your folks won't know who is walking into their house on the Sunday night.

This is also promoted as a good linking activity for your older Scouts so they can see just how much fun we do have.

Activities typically include tube riding, climbing wall (including competition Saturday Night), canoeing, volleyball, and loads of other not so energetic activities as well.

Your weekend is fully catered by some of the best caterers in town and we assure you will not go home hungry.

You choose your music all weekend and there are movies all night on Friday and Saturday nights.

Chill out in the cafe, kick a hacky sack around or just throw a frisbee to your mates.
So come along and join in all the fun!

Download 2017 Information

2017 Application Form

 Venturer Leaders’s Guide to Super Splash Applications

1. Submit your own form before closing date

2. Only sign Venturers forms if you are intending on attending the event

3. If having issues getting paperwork from Venturers to sign, 

email endorsing forms via email (will be 

accepted as a signature).

4. Use MyScout and provide Registration number to Venturers if they have 

not entered onto form.

5. Once you know Venturers are attending, use MyScout (or ask groups 

membership officer) to confirm Venturers are Registered members of scouts.

6. DO NOT HOLD ON TO FORMS FOR ANY REASON! –If you are handed a Venturers form, sign it and hand it back to them  to submit themselves. Or if you are collecting a batch to hand deliver to HQ as you are going past –do this immediately.

Getting There

From Adelaide, travel to Blanchetown via Truro

Turn left into the road to Morgan by BP Service Station

Keep going approximately 6.5km

Look for "Roonka Scout Camp" signs on the left hand side

Further along on the Right side of the road there are  two signs; "Roonka Holiday Cottages" and "Scouts"

Turn right and continue straight down this track, cross one cattle grid and proceed to the Scout sign (just before another grid)

Turn right and proceed down the hill until you reach our first gate

Proceed through the gate and continue to the second gate where you will find the Supersplash Checkin Desk

Download Map

Google Maps - Location

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