Awarded to

Venturer Award


The Venturer Award requires participation, either as an individual or with other Venturers in seven activity areas.
There are five compulsory activities within this Award; one each from the areas of Leadership Development, Outdoors Activities and Personal Growth, and two from Community Involvement. The two remaining activities are of your choice from these areas. This Award is designed to be achieved by an active member of a Venturer Unit within a 12 to 18 months period. The Unit Council approves the issuing of this Award.
Before completing this Award, you are required to have completed the Venturing Skills Award. There are seven activity areas to be completed. The compulsory activities for the Venturer Award are:
1. Initiative
2. Environment
3. Unit Management
4. Ideals
5. First Aid
You may wish to investigate some of the activities you explored for your Venturer Award level at a higher level for your Queen’s Scout Award. You must complete Venturer Award level requirements before you commence Queen’s Scout level for that particular activity.